Friday, March 25, 2016

Transgender Locker Room Access: Or When a Woman with a Penis Goes Around Naked in a Women's Locker Room

In the wake of the recent controversy regarding transgender restroom access, I was reminded of an encounter that a female colleague told me about a number of years ago involving an incident in a women's locker room.  

While she was using the women's locker room at a fitness center, she saw another member who was unclothed and thought this other member was a man using the wrong locker room.  As it turned out, however, the other member was a transgender woman and had been mistaken for being male, in part perhaps because of the absence of traditional female attire and the presence of male genitalia.

People using single-sex public restrooms, of course, do not ordinarily expose their genitalia to other restroom users, so I don't think the same confusion is as likely to arise for restrooms. The locker room example likely presents a much less common situation, but it probably cannot be written off as an absurd hypothetical either.

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